Police’s only suspect was one of their own

Signaling their presence, red and blue headlights of police vehicles arrive at the scene of crimes, the occupational purposes of those inside to protect and serve the public. But for two men who disappeared in similar circumstances three months apart, they were last seen by the same officer, placed at the same convenience store, and were apprehended for the same charges.

Bound by coincidence, Felipe Santos, 23, and Terrance Williams, 27, vanished shortly after interacting with Corporal Steven “Steve” Calkins. The victims were from different parts of Collier County, Florida, an area that comprises both the city of Naples and…

He raised a little girl as his daughter, only to marry her as a woman

Sharon Marshall never stayed in one place long. She was often the center of attention but had difficulty holding onto or forming meaningful friendships, melancholy expressions speaking a sadness beyond her years. Franklin Delano Floyd would distort her story into one of many twists and turns, capitalizing on missteps by police, domestic abuse and unwavering perversion.

Her name was not really hers. His name would be known forever as a career criminal.

Floyd and Sharon, Floyd on trial (Source: Matt Birkbeck 1 / 2 [Edit by Author])

Born on June 17th, 1943 in Barnesville, Georgia, Floyd was the youngest of five siblings. His father died very early in his life from organ failures, causing his…

Almost a hundred years later, Chicago’s gang scene still haunts history

In crisp, fashionable suits, the two men with guns looked more like businessmen than killers. Their accomplices, pretending to be police officers, held the seven victims in a gang-fueled tension which would soon color the wall behind them crimson red.

Shots rang out, bullets launching through the air. Machine gun casings, 160 in total, littered the ground. On the day of the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929, broken hearts were not the only blood being shed.

Their hands raised in fake surrender, the civilian slayers donned in luxe overcoats were led out by the false law enforcement to maintain…

A mother’s blind faith led to her baby’s brutal death

Christian hymns filled the air, gospel music providing background melodies to Dena Schlosser’s ultimate psychotic break. God wanted her baby, the voices said, and who was she to refuse the religion which had been giving her guidance thus far? Fetching the largest knife available, the woman thought that giving her youngest daughter Maggie, just 11 months old, to the heavenly presences her pastor revered would make them whole again. Beginning on the child, Schlosser severed Maggie’s arms from her body, then commenced slicing through her own limbs before stopping after a deep cut. …

An infamous ‘Twitter Killer’ changed the platform’s policies forever

When he deleted direct messages that might otherwise become lost in the abyss of social networking, Takahiro Shiraishi erased the correspondences which linked him to his murder victims. Most of the deceased were suicidal and posted to Twitter looking for someone to ease their suffering, which he took full advantage of. He approached them, then drugged and sexually assaulted their bodies while they were still alive. Preferring to kill by strangulation, Shiraishi fostered a longtime obsession with choking, suicide and death. …

True Crime

An adolescent’s tale of bravery when faced with arson

Engulfing flames caused physical and mental scars on a young boy, the burns trespassing his body in the same way its initiator did. He ran from the woods, the fishing line once formerly bounding him to a tree melting away. Robbie Middleton made it from the edge of the woods to a nearby street where he collapsed right in front of his neighbors and parents. The child had been intentionally set on fire.

It was the day of his eighth birthday.

(Credit: Family Photo)

June 28, 1998 brought trauma to the entire Middleton family. Looking to go to a friend’s house and invite…

True Crime

The story of the first man whose fingerprints put him behind bars

Everyone’s fingerprints are different, distinctive patterns with unique minutiae. They link people to previously visited locations, unlock phones and identify our bodies when other features fail to do so. Colin Pitchfork, a British murderer, had his downfall due to the rapidly evolving techniques of 21st century forensic science. A prolific woman-hater, local baker and child slayer, he was the earliest case where DNA served as the final nail in his carceral coffin.

(Credit: The Guardian)

At age 18, Pitchfork was arrested for indecent exposure to young girls and sentenced to the Carlton Hayes Psychiatric Hospital with the intention that his time there would…

Who let a man so dangerous travel freely throughout Europe?

Danilo Restivo liked to cut hair. No, not in the traditional sense, after licensing and years of cosmetology school. He enjoyed, or moreso found a sick perversion in, slicing off the strands from unsuspecting girls’ and women’s heads, and taking the locks as souvenirs for his guilty pleasure. He gave objects of his affection gifts or, when they rejected him, played them the soundtrack to the Italian thriller Profondo Rosso, in which a killer musically tortures his victims before their demise by his own hand.

Italy was not safe for its female citizens who’d inevitably cross paths with Restivo, otherwise…

True Crime

How did a sensitive soul seemingly disappear into thin air?

A concerned acquaintance noticed Emma Fillipoff walking anxiously in front of Victoria, British Columbia’s Empress Hotel. Back and forth, she paced, barefoot and alone. Her observer noted her visible mental distress and ducked into a nearby restaurant to notify the Canadian police.

Almost two hours later, after being declared not a risk to herself or anyone else, the officers left the scene only to later find out that their interactions would be final.

While they wrote the report and moved on, Emma Fillipoff was never seen again.

(Source: Help Find Emma Fillipoff)

Emma Fillipoff was born in Perth, Ontario in 1986. According to the website…

True Crime

Just Desserts or Deserted by the Law?

In the middle of the day, a crowd looked on as the town bully was shot to death.

Who did the deed? The residents of Skidmore, Missouri made sure no one would know.

Ken McElroy was the tyrant of the small farming community, growing up in a poor household with fifteen other siblings and unable to complete high school. According to Brynley Louise in an article from Film Daily, he was born in 1934 and had a lengthy record ranging from charges of statutory rape to child molestation. …

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