A Split and Deadly End — The Case of Danilo Restivo

Who let a man so dangerous travel freely throughout Europe?

(Credit: Gazzetta del Sud [Edit by Author])
(Credit: PA Images & Daily Mirror)
(Credit: PA Images & BBC)

“No, no, no, I was simply there to relax and enjoy nature, I have never stalked women…On the bus, that was not stalking for me.”

(Credit: The Guardian & Associated Press)

“I used to have nightmares and flashbacks reminding me of the events of the 12 November..I also don’t like going into bathrooms. I used to think that someone might be waiting for me. Now I just hold a fear of what’s behind the bathroom door.”

(Credit: Southern Daily Echo, PA Images, The Evening Standard [Edited by Author]

Wannabe journalist and lover of all things true crime.

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